About us

Our vision

We hope for a world which recognises people for their abilities not their disabilities.

Our mission

To develop and showcase the talents of people who are autistic, neurodiverse or have learning disabilities by offering work experience, skills development, training and other opportunities.

Our impact

Since 1997 we have provided support and work experiences to more than 1,000 local people.

Our story

The founders, including Robin Pemberton, set up Braywick HEATH Nurseries to provide disabled people with employment, training and work experience in a commercial setting. The site was provided by the Royal Borough and initial funding came from a local business, Arco Chemicals. The Nurseries, opened on 24th March 1997 by the mayor, also received a visit from HRH Prince Charles in the first year. Despite some setbacks, the social enterprise prospered and in 2004 it received funding for a new training facility, now called the Peter Field centre (after a founder). By our 10 year anniversary, Braywick Heath had provided work for more than 250 people with difficulties ranging from epilepsy and dyslexia to autism and mental health problems. Towards the end of the noughties our staff began offering classes and courses to the public. In 2010 the Braywick Employment Skills Training (B.E.S.T.) program was set up to help prepare trainees for open employment and the following year saw an IT suite opened. While other founders have now retired or sadly passed away, the redoubtable Robin Pemberton remains. In 2023 he was joined by three new directors and a site renovation program began. It feels too little to say that the support from businesses, volunteers and benefactors has been immeasurable. We don’t take your time, dedication and generosity for granted.

Our amazing team is a mix of employees, community volunteers, supported volunteers and benefactors.