Volunteering at Braywick Plant Nurseries

Braywick Plant Nurseries provide work experience, training and employment for people with learning disabilities or autism in a commercial, caring setting.

The nurseries, shop and grounds maintenance businesses are run by a small team of horticulturalists assisted by our wonderful Supported and Community volunteers.

Supported Volunteers are local residents who are autistic, neurodiverse or with learning disabilities and who can benefit from learning and working in a supportive environment. Supported volunteers are referred and funded through a variety of routes.

Community volunteers provide great support with plant care, carpentry and site maintenance. We also love to hear from people with other experience to offer. This includes IT, accounting, marketing, HR, retail, merchandising and mentoring.

We welcome community volunteers for short or long-term commitments. Some of our volunteers are able to come regularly for a half or a full day a week while others can only make a commitment on a short-term basis or for a specific project.

If you are interested in volunteering at Braywick Plant Nurseries

For Individuals: please complete our Volunteer Application Form (in Microsoft Word format)

For Corporate Volunteers: please email gmanager@braywickheath.co.uk